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Data Feeds

A Data feed is a mechanism we have set up for our customers to receive data updates from our extensive worldwide distribution network, as well as product information, marketing advice and news.

We have been offering this service for over three years, which† enables our customers both speed and control of highly valuable market information and the ability to automate sales and delivery with our drop shipping solutions.

How does it work?

The real advantage of this is you are able to have regularly updated prices and product information, which enables a strong competive edge over competitors.

1. We link your sales system/ website with ours. We regularly update prices, availability and product information, (or we can send via email in csv format and you manually make the updates)

2. Your ordering system is linked to our purchasing system for full automation of your account.

3.† Your customer† places an orders with you, which has been† linked to our system and we recieve your order and process

4. Goods are delivered from our warhouse to your customer on your behalf.

Data feeds can be extremely useful for online selling as well.If you are running data feeds to other sites, it automatically updates your new prices on their websites also as a result. If youíre not, this is something we strongly recommend and can advise you about setting up. Data feeds are a new and powerful tool to stay in front. You should be now considering calling us on 02 43 681 900 to find out more!

Product information and news

Find out what products we are moving a lot of, whatís going to be released next month, or what might be obsolete next month? We provide up to date industry information from our team with over 15 years experience in the mobile, consumer electronics and computing industry.

Marketing information

Although we all work in a highly price driven industry, price is not always the most prominent of the 4 Ps of marketing to move stock. There are many other angles you should consider, which we provide in our marketing column in our data feeds. Itís something to look out for!