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Our Company

Powerlink is one the largest distributors to retail and online business's in Australia. We have been around since the begining of 1992 and have been supplying customers with an array of mobiles, accesories, replacemeent parts and computers and components way back to the early days.

We have continues to grow over the last 18 years by standing by our committment to our customers, offering them access to evey product in the industry at the most competitive price, supported by outstanding account service.

As a customer of Powerlink, you are very valuable to us. We do not believe in churn and have survived simply because we offer the best service and enable our customers to remain profitable in one of the most competitive industries of the day.

We have been pioners in applying new methods and modern technologies in the market place, and have recently been leading the way with innovative ordering and delivery (drop shipping) techniques and real time market data syndication (data feeds)

Please spend two or three minutes having a look at some of the things we do best and if your new to this game or looking at new ways to capitalise on our experiences in innovation, technological applications and marketing, you might find some very interesting and useful information.

To become a reseller and linked into the Powerlink network, it is free to join, and can be done from the Reseller Resources  section in our website.

Or if you want to speak to one of our consultants to find out more, call us on 02 4368 1900

We wish you the best in your business and look forward to hearing from you.

The Powerlink Team